The Study of the Environment, Lifestyle & Fibroids seeks to understand how environmental and lifestyle factors affect uterine fibroid development and how we can help prevent fibroids.

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Nearly 1,700 women are participating in the SELF Study. Your involvement and continued participation since 2010, have been critical to the success of this study! The information that you provide enables researchers to better understand fibroids and what can be done to prevent the development of them. You can find more information regarding similar studies and various resources in the Detroit area here!

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It is important to us to keep all our participants updated on the findings of the SELF Study.


Check out our most recent seasonal newsletter for helpful resources and to learn more about recent findings regarding the role of reproductive tract infections on fibroid development.


SELF Study-related research has been published in many peer-reviewed journals.

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For general inquires about the SELF Study, please call us at 1-877-692-SELF (7353) or email us at

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